Oral Mc Guire: Managing Director

GRC Indigenous Construction Pty Ltd is majority-owned by Oral McGuire who is the current Managing Director of the company. Oral is a Noongar man who has vast experience, knowledge and understanding of the social and economic gaps that exist within and between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.  His vision is to be active in the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture within and among the Noongar people of Western Australia and various other Aboriginal Cultural groups across the country. Have fun with a book of ra online.

Oral has been actively engaged in this space through various project management and leadership roles across Aboriginal business and community affairs for over 20 years. Oral is also the sole managing director off the successful Gundi Contracting Pty Ltd www.gundicontracting.com.au and Gundi Consulting Pty Ltd (Probably the first and only Indigenous majority-owned Incorporated Legal Practice in Western Australia) www.gundiconsulting.com.au

Stephen Rooney: Operations Director

GRC Indigenous Construction Pty Ltd is partially owned by Stephen Rooney who is the current Operations Director of the company. 

Stephen is a highly proficient and qualified Civil Engineering Project Manager and Construction Management professional offering a bachelor’s degree in construction management coupled with a strong commercial background in a wide variety of industries across Australia and abroad. Stephen has 15 years off construction experience working in the Civil Engineering, Resource, Oil and Gas and LNG Sectors with varying roles from Project Engineer through to Project Manager. His main responsibilities include deployment, management and supervision of project teams and resources to ensure successful project delivery.

Stephen is also the sole managing director off the successful RC Construction WA Pty Ltd www.rcconstruction.com.au